Greedy ticket holders

Good Morning!

I wanted to start off by saying how much I have enjoyed your music for over the past 30 years of my life. Your music is healing to my soul especially at some very low moments of my life.. including suffering from a divorce after 19 years and now raising four children on my own. Anyway... I am sure you have heard that a million times.

In a world full of rude and selfish people, which has now become the new "norm". How is anything going to change without calling out said people. I am making this comment to you because of the disturbing amount of tickets that are for sale for your Fenway Park show in September. Tickets are on sale from second and third parties. I am unable to buy a "regular" priced ticket. All the tickets are 4-9 times the regular price. Perhaps you all know about this..This is on Ticketmaster. I am sure this is something perhaps that has been going on for a very long time... I don't know.. I am just real sad that.

It was my 18 year old's wish to go see your show for her high school graduation present. She is a pianist. She has also shared my love for your music through her teenage years. She recently played a compilation of your songs for her senior collage concerts. (I wish I could attach a video, couldn't figure how to.)

I guess my rant is over... Again, just saddened that there is over 1,000 tickets available for sale, but I need to purchase at an incredible amount of money just because of someone else's greed. I just wish we didn't have to live this way. Many of your true fans will not be in attendance because of this practice.

Best of Luck to you! We really wished we could have seen you in Fenway!


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