A special request from Billy PLEASE READ

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Dear Mr. Joel,
I am contacting you with the hope that this letter will somehow reach your kind heart and will touch the most sensitive part of it. With my hands raised up to the sky I pry to God a mother prayer.

My name is inbal Gilad, my daughter's name is Naama Gilad, she is will be 23 this coming May (28th). I live in New Zealnd, Naama lives in Melbourn Australia. In 2008 when Naama was 12 her father and I went through a nasty divorce, I spiralled down mentally and went on a mission to end my life. During this time Naama and me had a special song that was ours, only our the song was more of a manifesto from me to her, on so many levels. We used to sing it to each others but also to ourselves to remained ourselves that it's all good. when the years passed it became a tradition to send the song to each other every birthday or when we missed each other. The song, as you can probably guess is "Vienna". I believed it will forever be our song and the rope that we just need to hammm in order to remained ourselves that nothing can tear this knot.
unfortunately, family circumstances brought us to grow apart. I know my girl knows how much I love her, how much she I want her to be happy and healthy. how much I'm proud of her. I love her to no end.
for her birthday Mr. Joel can you please record a short message so I can attach it to the song and send it to her?
that will be the ultimate, unforgettable, once in a lifetime, uniting gift. I'll be forever grateful for that.
just please record yourself saying: "Happy birthday Naama, your mama loves you forever and after".

God bless you.

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