Massive Request/Favour

Hi Billy’s mgt team,

I’m going to Billy’s gig at Wembley and it’s going to be a very emotional night for me.
My late hubby Tom and i were huge fans, but unfortunately he never got to see billy when he was alive, and this will be my first time seeing billy too.
Toms all time favourite was Goodnight Saigon. He too was a serving soldier during the era of Vietnam, his role in the army possibly even saw him in Vietnam, although British soldiers involvement wasn’t widely known or acknowledged...advisory capacity mmmm.
If billy could sing Goodnight Saigon in memory of Tom Millard, it would be very much appreciated


Pam Millard


  • cvaccacvacca Posts: 1
    Hello Team Billy Joel.
    My wife and I have been huge fans for many years now. This 9/11/19 will be our 20 wedding anniversary and I will be surprising her with tickets to the concert on 9/14/19 at Fenway Park in Boston. She has never seen Billy live before. Maybe a stretch to ask, not sure how the venue will be set up, but if there is a video screen behind him, any chance you can put up a quick message for my wife? Just a simple, "Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary Michelle, Love Forever Chris!" Doesn't matter when, I'm sure we won't be moving from our seats once he starts playing.

    Thanks so much.

    Chris V.
  • PaulLPaulL Posts: 1
    I am attending your show on July 26 in Baltimore. I would like to hear I Don't Want To Be Alone. I would greatly appreciate it if you would play it.
    Thanks for your consideration,
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