HS Concert Band

tdavistdavis Posts: 1
Hello, I'm not sure who this discussion gets out to but wanted to mention that our High School Concert Band in Syracuse, NY is doing an arrangement of his classical composition, "Air (Dublinesque)". I am the Band teacher and introduced the piece to them to show the more classical side of Bill Joel and they have really embraced it. I thought it would be the coolest thing to have a message from Billy Joel talking about that piece to my students along with things like what the inspiration was for the piece and stuff like that. Of course, once my students found out that he had connections to Syracuse, and through the University, they wanted him to come and hear them play it and maybe have him conduct it. I'm not sure if anything like this is ever done, but just wanted to throw it out there, mostly talking about the conversation piece about the composition, either recorded, or written.
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