For my husband's 60th birthday, May 9, 2019

Dear Billy,

I have been a fan of yours for forever, and I absolutely adore your music, your generosity, your honesty, your integrity and your loyalty to your fans! I used to actually sleep out at the Nassau coliseum overnight just to get tickets to see your shows, and cannot even remember how many times I have seen you in concert, including, the last show at the coliseum, the last show at Shea stadium, and many many other shows, and you still always perform your heart and soul out and give your everything to all your performances. We used to listen to your really old albums, I love Streetlife Serenade the best, and for the albums that didn't have the lyrics to the songs in the jacket cover, we would replay the songs over and over again, moving the album needle to the exact spot, just so we can write the words down and sing them at the top of our lungs! I even have your Hassles Hour of the Wolf album, in vinyl! My friends and I actually went to see you and Meatloaf at a WLIR softball game in 1978, and I have been trying to locate the photos I have from that game (they are somewhere in my mom's garage, yes I know good luck finding those, LOL). My brother-in-law, Eliot Goldstein, even worked with you many years ago, and said you were incredible to work with!

The reason I am writing you today, is that I was finally able to get tickets to your 70th birthday show at Madison Square Garden on May 9th, 2019 (in section 103, row 6, seats 7 through 8), and I am beyond excited to see you and celebrate your birthday with you. I'm even more excited that May 9th is also my husband's 60th birthday (I have always loved that you guys share a birthday, it is very cool to me.) I love my husband to pieces and I wanted to do something special for his big day, and what better way than spending his birthday with you on your birthday! I just wanted to know, if there was any possible way, that you would be able to give a little shout-out to him, to wish him a very happy birthday, his name is Jody Spatola, and that would be the most special, coolest, thing in the world for both of us! Either way, we're both thrilled for your show, and can't wait to celebrate yours and his birthdays at MSG!

Thanks so much for your consideration and have a great day!,

Best regards,
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