For My Father - April 12 2019 Show

Dear Billy,

I am confident that many people send you fan mail, letters, reach out on social media, etc. It took a lot for me to reach out and I am staying optimistic and hoping for the best! I bought my father and I tickets to your show for April 19th, for his 67th Birthday/Christmas present. But that’s a lot of backstory as to why...

My dad is a great man and that may be biased, but the amount of people that echo this is crazy. He is dedicated, loves his family, and would sacrifice anything for us (yes, he gets angry but hell who doesn’t nowadays), My father grew up on the likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. and he was heavily influenced by the genre and the scene.. Fast forward into his 20’s and 30’s, he idolized YOU and it was eerie how similar he was to you in the photos. Longer hair, nice older cars, wearing suits, you were/are The Piano Man, and he thought he was too.

For myself, my earliest memories with my father were driving up to our trailer for an hour and a half, listening to Storm Front and River of Dreams. It was a ritual for us and man I can’t tell you how many times I would ask him to play “We Didn’t Start the Fire” while having no idea of the symbolism. As I kid I loved rolling the windows down in the Impala and shouting “Rock and Roll and Cola Wars, I can’t take it anymore!!”.

This being said, it has not been a cakewalk for him, my mother, and my family…

I was born in 1991, and I had a brother come shortly after. Brandon was born completely fine, everything checked out. At 4 months of age, Brandon took an allergic reaction to his vaccinations. It came out of nowhere and the chances of it happenings are greater than 1 in a billion. This left half of his brain dead, he is legally blind, he suffers from epilepsy, cyberpal palsy, etc. Brandon can’t feed himself, bath himself, virtually speak, walk or take care of himself. This left my dad taking care of 5 people (another brother could come 10 years later – Aaron) and two amazing golden retrievers. Times were tough, but my parents made sure the kids always had everything we needed. Between Brandon and myself, my dad had to sell of his toys because he had to support us and with his work schedule, I didn’t get to see him much in my childhood. This left the marriage in rough shape, my mom needing to stay home and take full time care of Brandon, while also making trips to Pennsylvania for Therapy sessions.

Fast-forward to 2015 and mom is still taking care of Brandon at 22. Minimal improvements have been made, but the government is now assisting with Brandon and making sure his medication and schooling is taken care for. In November of 2015, my dad was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. I still remember the day he was taken to the hospital, he was passed out on our living room floor because his heart-rate dropped to 18 Beats-Per-Minute. I was with my friend and received a call from my mom that I needed to get home ASAP. My friend was driving, and we made a 10-minute drive in about 6 minutes. About 2 minutes before we got home, we saw an ambulance and raced it to my house. He had to get a tracheotomy and permanent pacemaker placed in and was kept in the hospital for weeks. I remember visiting him in the hospital and he would complain about wanting to get out and that he has work that he needs to do. That is the mindset he has – he’s a worker. Since then he still works 50 hours a week, drives/flies across North America to get his work done and support my mother and brothers.

The reason I am reaching out is I’m asking for an opportunity for my hero to get a chance to meet his idol. He’s been through so much and I just want to be able to do something for him.

I really do hope this finds itself to you because this would mean so much for him to be able to meet you. Either way, I do want to thank you for the influence you have had on my father and in-turn myself growing up. I may have the short hair like you now, but I love rocking suits and rock and roll!

We will be sitting in Section 119, Row 16, Seats 18-19. If there would be an opportunity for my dad to just be introduced to you, get something signed, a shout out, anything. This would mean the absolute world to be and I know he would love it.
I know 70 is just around the corner, hope you are in good health keeping that New York State of Mind.

Best Regards,

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