This song represents decades of lost and found love!

Despite knowing Andrew since childhood, dating and loving him in high school, despite our lives each taking left turns when we parted ways at my graduation, and despite our efforts and wishes to reconnect, it still took decades.

It finally happened with a routine check of my email on a typical Tuesday morning. In a split second I noticed the name of the sender in the summary line. After 30 years of wishing, wondering and imagining how this moment might happen, I gasped audibly and opened the message as quickly as possible.

“Hello Tina, I hope that this message finds you well. It's been such a long time - and if you wouldn't mind, I would like to fix

From that moment, the lives we had planned, the lives we had, and the lives we dreamed of, all left us, and we stepped happily into the life we never expected.

I had kept him in my heart for all my life; he did the same for me. We loved each other. We love each other still. And in 2015, we pledged to never be apart again when we were finally married.

The song, Make You Feel My Love, was a perfect fit to our celebration on that day, representing our past, present and future. The lyrics, as well as the harmonica solo in the song, string together the feelings of both pain and love beautifully.

It would be a beautiful blessing to us, and I am sure for many others in attendance, if “Make You Feel My Love” was part of the setlist at the July 26, 2019 show in Baltimore, Camden Yards. I know that it is seldom performed - and that makes us want to experience it even more. We will be there near the stage - Section F, Row 22, Seats 7 and 8. We hope you will treat us all to a beautiful Bob Dylan song sung by our favorite Piano Man in a special place in Baltimore.

Thank you for your gift of music, Billy Joel. You've enriched our lives and the lives of generations of fans.
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