Billy Joel March Madness Bracket

Hello everyone. As some of you may know, March Madness in college basketball is here, which gives us a chance to reflect on some of the other types of brackets we can create. In honor of this, I have created a 64 song bracket of Billy Joel's most popular and notable songs. Creating this bracket was not easy. I separated his catalog between 1971-1979 and 1980-1993, with 32 songs coming from each time period. I seeded the songs not based on my own opinion, but by a variety of factors, such as its chart numbers, frequency of live play, frequency of radio play, frequency of play and reception on the Billy Joel channel, and songs that have grown on fans and are loved by his diehard supporters. I would love to hear all of your feedback on this bracket, as well as your picks! There will always be disagreement on which songs were left off, but I am very excited to see the results. See the bracket right here!


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