Contact form does not work

I have been trying to contact Billy Joel via this link for several weeks. Each time I try it says there is an error and to try again later. The error does not appear to be corrected or temporary. This is my message:

Dear Mr. Joel,
My name is Erik Olsen and I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam the Netherlands. I'm also a fellow Islander, I grew up in Shoreham. As a teen I grew up listening to your music and now share it with my son.
I am writing to you because on March 26,27 I am taking part in an academic conference in Moscow, Russia hosted by the Moscow State University of Humanities titled, "Turning Points in Ending the Cold War from Western and Eastern Perspectives. 1989-2019" where I will deliver a talk on citizen diplomacy at the close of the Cold War. As a topic I chose your concert series in 1987 in Moscow and the former Leningrad.
As part of my talk I'd be very interested in interviewing you for my project. Since we are half a world apart, this can be done at your convenience either via Skype or I can submit to you a small number of questions. The only hitch is that this is time sensitive as the conference is a month from today.
If you are interested in sharing your experiences from the tour, as well as your thoughts 20 years later I have no doubt your input would be received with a great deal of enthusiasm among the academic community.
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter and I look forward to your reply.
Best regards,
Erik A. Olsen, M.A. University of Amsterdam
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