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I lived in Hicksville in 1971-1975. Near Holy Family Church. We had a "GREEN" nearby (off Newbridge Rd) and a group call "Crazy Andy" used to play there often. Did you know them & if so did any of them go on to beet music careers?


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    Dear Mr Joel,

    Not too long ago you were a big part in getting Mr. Cuomo to leave the breach on the east end of Fire Island open. You saw the benefits of the fresh ocean water entering and flushing the Moriches bay area.
    It is time again for the "Piano Man" to get his Downeaster moving to Mr Cumo's office. There is a bill dubbed the Bunker Bill. It will protect our water form the industrial ships using their purse seines to remove too many Menhaden(bunker) form our waters so they can profit from the sale of Omega 3 oil. While the use of this is very healthy the elimination of a very important food source for so many marine species, blues, stripers, whales, dolphins, etc is not healthy for our waters. This food source enables the countless fishermen to target the predator species. Mr. Joel I do not need to tell you the pros and cons of this matter. You do know and understand. That is why I am reaching out to to get involved you already have not.
    Our waters need a powerful voice such as your.
    Thank you,
    Big Vin
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