WLNG in Sag Harbor and their sad changes.....

If you saw Billy on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON, then you've heard them mention (with much love) Sag Harbor, Long Island's 92.1 WLNG FM. The station has been known worldwide for bucking broadcasting trends and still providing the great community involvement (and awesome music) since 1963, proving that the East End of Long Island is something special!

A few months ago, WLNG was sold to new owners who claimed they were "fans of the station". In less than 4 weeks since they took over (as of this writing), they almost completely took away *everything* that the station was known for...from audio sound to music to specialized local news, etc. The list goes on. So far, the resistance has been building, but the East End (at least for now) has lost something special.

If you were a fan of the station for years, or just learned about it in the last few years thanks to Billy & Jimmy's mentions, then please check out this Facebook Group and show your support. You can get the whole story there. The spirit of WLNG and what it was to the East End community is still strong to many, many people, but NY City thinking has blemished it at the current moment.

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