New Year's Eve

Dear Billy,

It has been a shocking year for my wife and I, we have both battled cancer; breast, prostate and bladder, but we're doing well and ending it on a high note, taking our kids (9 and 14) from Brisbane Australian to spend New Year's Eve with you at Nassau Coliseum. We're in section 120, row 5 hoping to get a great view from the side lines, we are all so excited.

We would love to meet you back stage, or even better, have a coffee in at the Sheraton Tribeca (we arrive 21 December and your concert is our last night in manhattan before we head up to a cabin in Wilmington NY - your family could join us if you have no plans!! :) ).

Alex, Jarna, Paige, Olivia

P.S. Goodnight Saigon was played by my Platoon Sergeant relentlessly when I joined the Army in 1985 - really hope you play that on New Year's Eve
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