Studio Recording Request - Total Longshot

Hi Billy,

Odds of you reading this? Low, I'm sure. But what the hell. Anyway, you've been one of my favorite musicians since I was a very young man, and I've enjoyed all of your recordings over the years, some more than others at various times as it always goes with these things. Lately, I've found a new appreciation for Code of Silence, which by all accounts you were apparently not the biggest fan of yourself until you worked with Cyndi to take it over the finish line. As much as I enjoy it for what it is, I can't help but feel like one change would transform it from a good song to a legendary one - replace the harmonica parts (and electric piano / organ) with guitar played by none other than Mark Knopfler. If there is any way on earth that you and Cyndi could re-unite to record a new version with Mark swinging his axe in place of that harmonica, I truly think it would be a rocker for the ages. I know there's basically no chance of this actually happening, but not suggesting it wouldn't make it any more likely. Here's hoping.

All the best,
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