Thank You For Meaning So Much To My Dad

I'm not sure if this message will be lost into the void, but it's worth a shot.

Dear Mr. Joel,

My name is Ileeana Johnson and my Dad, Chris Johnson, means the absolute world to me. He served in the Marines for years with deployments in the Middle East to serve our country while I was growing up. While he is no longer active service now, he continues to dedicate his life to protect the American people from acts of terrorism with the US government.

You are my Dad's favorite musician in the entire world. I grew up listening to you, even stealing my Dad's copy of "Storm Front" and his walkman to listen to your music on my bus to school. Every car ride, he asks for me to play your songs. Every time we pass through New York when he drives me up to Boston where I go to university, we listen to "Movin' Out". When he moved me into my dorm across from Fenway, he heard you playing (he didn't know you were performing in town) and we literally sat outside on a bench enjoying your concert as he sung along to "Only the Good Die Young". He had your music played at his wedding and literally wants "Piano Man" played at his funeral. Not only does he admire your music, but he loves your respect towards military personnel and it means so much to him. Your music makes my Dad light up in ways I do not see him react to most anything else (except maybe a good pizza).

For Christmas, I looked into getting tickets to one of your shows at Madison Square Garden, but they were all sold out and I'm not sure if my Dad would be able to take off work anyways to travel to New York. I was wondering if you would be able to make a video or something wishing him a happy Christmas? Regardless, thank you for meaning the world to my Dad and making him even more proud to be an American.

Ileeana Johnson


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