Surprise 65th Birthday

Mr. Joel, My name is Suzi. My singer, songwriter loving brother Doug, is turning 65 later this month. He has been in a band of musicians that met at Crane Music School in the early 70's. They have several albums out and record individually as well. The band's name is The Todd Hobin Band. My brother plays lead guitar, keyboard and vocals. They have been play together for over 40 years and in fact, one of their album titles is called "keeping the dream alive". Anyhow, my brother is a very talented musician (sure I'm biased!), he writes and goes tot he bluebird in Nashville a few times for his songwriting. He thinks you are a musical composing genius and truly admires your body of work. I would love to surprise him with words of wisdom from you as he enters is 65th year. We come from a long line of musicians. My grandmother played for silent movies in the theaters, my mother sang on live radio in the 40s and I myself also play in a Scottish bagpipe band. So any consideration you could give on sending him well wishes to keep the dream alive would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at [email protected]


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