Sorry I missed the show!

I bought tickets months ago. I was looking forward to seeing the show but got stuck in a traffic jam caused by the two hurricanes in the past month knocking out lights. When I got to the gate, the show was already a quarter of the way through and I didn't have 20 bucks to pay for parking. The nearest ATM was over a mile away. I glanced back at the line of cars still waiting to get to the gate and made a sad decision. Quick math in my head estimated that my trip to the ATM and back to the back of the line would put me at the downward slope of the set list. So, I went home. I've been a fan since my mom turned me on to Billy Joel with The Stranger album but I guess I'll have to cross my fingers that I get to see him some other time. I'd really like my $80 back but I won't hold my breath. Thanks.


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    @rebrie12 , I had ALL the same problems & it felt like the universe was against me being able to get into this show! It was so sad (I was actually crying), but having driven all the way from Augusta, GA I decided I was getting into that show one way or another. Missed 2/3 of it before I was ever able to get in.

    Totally shocked at the lack of help, information & organization of the officials involved in putting on this show. I believe the administration of the Wake Forest Stadium could have done better and was not prepared in the least to handle a crowd of that size. I've been to many concerts of this size in other cities, but NEVER have I encountered such problems getting INTO a venue. And if I'm honest, $20 for parking is just straight-up greedy. Hope I can see him again one day & actually get to enjoy the WHOLE show. However, at this point I'm so bitter I never desire to return to Winston Salem, NC for the rest of my life. Wish at least a partial refund was available for my $115 ticket!
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