Winston Salem Request

Longest Time and She's Got a Way!!

Can't wait.


    Please play Downeaster Alexa. We are expats from LI and 'These are the Times to Remember'. It is the song on mine and my wife's wedding video and this is our 30th Anniversary!! Joe and Martha. See you there!!! 17th Row Stoked!!
  • Hi,
    My name is Hunter Dunn. I have Cerebral Palsy. I use an Eye-gaze computer to "speak" and "type". (When it isn't with me, someone says the alphabet and I nod when the desired letter is spoken.)
    I am writing you about my best friend, Scott Jones.
    We met at Sunday school at Trinity United Methodist Church (TUMC). We were 4-years-old. During the Summer, we swam together. I lived in the county while Scott lived in the city. So, we attended different schools. So, Summers were a treat; seeing one another almost daily!
    Fast forwarding to our young adulthood, Scott NEVER forgot his "different" best friend; taking me to movies, concerts and out to eat (never caring about feeding me in public). He and I still do this today... Scott Jones is my angel.
    This upcoming Fall will mark 30 years of our friendship! Scott's favorite artist is Billy Joel. About 10 or 12 years ago at UVA, he attended Billy Joel's concert. Scott says it was the "Best show I've ever seen!". He has tickets to see Billy Oct. 13th in Winston-Salem, NC. I would like to request for some way for Scott to meet Mr. Joel as my gift of his 30 years of fellowship.
    (Attached below is a link to a picture of Scott and myself.)
    [email protected]

    Scott accomplishments:
    At UVA:
    * University Judiciary Committee * Graduated with a major in political science and minor in Spanish*
    At UR:
    * University of Richmond Moot court champion * Law Review editor * National semi-finalist Student Trial Advocacy Competition * American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Division Student Trial Advocacy Competition National champions * Marshall Scholar * American University First Amendment Competition Best Oralist * University of Richmond Trial Advocacy Board Award*
    Danville, Va.:
    * ARC board * DHS board * Museum of Fine Arts & History Board * TUMC Lay Leader * TUMC Board of Trustees * TUMC Pastor/Parish Committee*
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    I am so excited to see you in Winston-Salem! I would like to ask if there is any possible way for a very small portion of the proceeds from your Carolinas concert to be given to the victims of Hurricane Florence? Thank you for considering this request and for your timeless music and lyrics!
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    My husband Greg and I are super excited to see you this Saturday night!! It's my husbands 40th birthday, Greg was actually born on Friday the 13th. I've never seen you in concert but he has. Greg drove to Atlanta to see you 20 years ago. I know it's a long shot but is there anyway Greg could meet or even get an autograph from you? I'm sure people ask all the time. It would be the perfect 40th birthday gift. He has had a very hard year. Thank you for considering my request. We love you and your music!!!
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