Email with the fans?

Hey Billy, my buddy and I were wondering about your personal email. We are budding musicians and have some questions. Email us at [email protected] Thank you sir.


  • DougieDougie Posts: 1
    Hi Billy, you saved my life in 1978. I had a spinal tumor and had a big operation, when I came around 3 days later, I heard you singing My Life. These lyrics and the music gave me the strength to carry on, as I was giving up. So, a big Thank You from me for actually saving my life with that song. I do not think I would have ever got out of that hospital alive.
  • DCM1978DCM1978 Posts: 5
    My husband Greg and I are super excited to see you this Saturday night!! It's my husbands 40th birthday, Greg was actually born on Friday the 13th. I've never seen you in concert but he has. Greg drove to Atlanta to see you 20 years ago. I know it's a long shot but is there anyway Greg could meet or even get an autograph from you? I'm sure people ask all the time. It would be the perfect 40th birthday gift. He has had a very hard year. Thank you for considering my request. We love you and your music!!!
  • Hello Billy! I just bought tickets for your show in Orlando on 1/11/19 for my family of 4. My husband and I have seen your shows at least 12 times throughout the years. Your music is the sole basis of my husbands life. Your music was played throughout our wedding 24 years ago and our son's middle name is Joel...after you. Although my husband wanted to name him Billy...I had to put my foot down and we compromised on the middle name! If by any chance you have the heart to meet us while you are in Orlando, we would be so honored. We love your music and can't wait to share it with our kids. Please feel fee to reach out to me at [email protected]
  • cokerjbcokerjb Posts: 1
    Hey Billy. I am so excited you are coming to Arizona! My daughter was born with Down Syndrome and has loved your music since she was a baby. Your music stopped her tears in a heartbeat. Now I am so excited because she is 16 and will be attending her 1st concert when you come to AZ. Even though she is non verbal music seems to reach her on a very profound level, calming fears and easying her. Thank you for all the music through all the years. 💙💛
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