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we all went to see you at the garden when my little sister sees you come out on stage turns to me and says now I see why you dress like that suite jacket tie sneaks. now its 41 yrs later. I was hurt in the us military,1979,they don't fix you just honorable discharge. then you move back home ,take every crap job that comes along,sometimes unable too work for years at a time. finaly 1999, 20 yrs later ,you get the perfickt job,sitting down takin tolls at the bridge you watched them build,the verrazanno. only a disc hearnates in yur neck you can be parilized or operation,yes operate 20 more yrs,i didn't get no workers comp $$$$,still haven't been able to work. no ssd/ssi. eviction on 10/15/18 billy we need your help,please. were both newyorkers. thanks bob 7189808414 407 vail rd Parsippany nj 07054
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