Wrigley - Goodnight Saigon missing in action

My wife and me were in attendance, as we were 25 years ago when you opened the United Center in Chicago...We and all of the Vietnam vets looked forward to this song...we thought, well maybe during the encore...this song is very meaningful to us, and was supposedly written by you to recognize and honor your boyhood friends who served and perhaps died there. That you did not perform this song (perhaps due to the current political environment) was in our opinion a complete act of cowardice. Not only selling out you friends, but showing complete disregard to those of us who have vivid memories of that time in our lives while in the Nam and upon coming home...and "we all went down together"


  • Was wondering if there is a way to email Billy?
  • Dear Billy Joel team:

    I hope that you are all doing very well. I wanted to get the message to Billy that his music has inspired me in so many ways. I have enjoyed his music all my life, mostly due to my father. Which is the reason I am emailing.

    We are going for my birthday on October 27 (my actual birthday is Oct 28). Knowing what the song Goodnight Saigon means to my father who is a Vietnam Veteran...my hero. This concert is going to mean so much to us, simply because I have been meaning to go see you for a very long time. If you can play that song for me, it would make my 37th birthday so special, knowing what it will mean to my father.

    I have just recently lost someone very close to me, which made me think of my aging father. I try to spend as much time as I can, so that I do not have the regrets I have for my uncle who recently let us.

    If you are still reading this, I would ask that you consider playing “Goodnight Saigon” at your concert on October 27, 2018 @ 8:00pm.

    Thanks for your ear, see you at the Garden sir!

    Kindest Regards,
    Kevin Smith

    PS: I would love to sit down with the piano man if he ever wants to simply chill. Just to be in his presence. Hey you gotta try don’t you. Thanks to whoever is still reading.
  • hartlahartla Posts: 1
    Why isn't Billy playing at Wrigley this year? I have been there every year in the past. Won't be summer without a Billy Joel concert.
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