Little Apple - 1979

Just a quick note to thank Billy Joel for coming to KC. My wife, Bev, and I first saw Mr. Joel in concert almost 40 years ago in the Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas, around January, 1979. We were freshmen in college, and not dating at the time. Bev was my best friend's girlfriend, and he asked me to take Bev to the Billy Joel concert as he had a prior commitment. The concert was amazing and it sparked a lifetime relationship as Bev and I began dating shortly thereafter. We have been happily married for 35 years, with 2 wonderful kids that live and work in NYC.

Billy Joel's music is timeless, and his music has played such a special part of our lives. He is truly "The Entertainer" and we are so excited to see him play Friday night in KC.

All the best,

Terry and Bev Carlton

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