Australia / New Zealand tour

Is there an Australia / New Zealand tour planned?


  • ellemw44ellemw44 Posts: 1
    I'd also like to know if a tour is being planned for our shores in Australia/New Zealand. Would love to see it happen!!
  • Billy last played in NZ in 2008 - over a decade go.
    I've seen him twice - once in Auckland in 1987 (had to travel there as the ChCh date clashed with a wedding - mine) and again in London in 1994.
    Can't remember why I didn't go in 2008 but even if I had it's been way too long.
    LOVE to hear "Until the NIght" live.

    Billy could headline (or be) the summer concert series - Gibston Valley, Taupo, Whitianga. 2020 is the 10th year anniversary. What could be better?

    Billy - talk to Pat Benatar, LRB, Roger Hodgson, and some of the other artists who have come down for these shows - they had a blast.
  • Queenstown 2010 has its Billy.
    Billy Idol that is along with George Thorogood. Not quite the same as Billy Joel but it will be epic nonetheless. Maybe Billy Joel could play Queenstown Events Centre (Grace Jones did in 2018) on the Friday / Saturday / Sunday? Guaranteed crowd numbers in town.......
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