Make Jaimes dream come to

Dear Mr. Joel, Could you send me four tickets to see you in NY, Madison square garden? It doesn't even matter where we sit. On July 4th weekend I lost one of my best friends. He had juvenile diabetes and had a diabetic episode. My other best friend Shirley and I were on our way to his home to help him as we always did. When we arrived it was to late. He was gone. He was 43 years old and the best guy in the whole world. We were supposed to see you this Saturday Sept. 8, at Wrigley field in Chicago. Jaime had bought us tickets to go see you in Chicago for Shirleys birthday. I tired to find our tickets but was unsuccessful. I just feel you are our link to our friend. He wanted to do this for us forever! I know its a crazy request but I had to ask. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Janet
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