Song request for MSG 8/23/18

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You're My Home - please!!! Our wedding song! Been to about a dozen concerts and never heard in live!!


  • GUSMAN70GUSMAN70 Posts: 1
    hello mr.joel my name is Gustavo Chavez I will be at your concert on aug 23 this week and its my birthday. I am flying in from Chicago with my girlfriend terry davis and we will be sitting in section b 5th row seats 9 and 10. I don't think you will read this but if you do it would be great if you play us a song and mention to her how much I love her and it would be great to meet you that night for my birthday I turn 48 I hope you see this and I really hope to meet you I am staying at the jw marriot and I arrive Thursday at noon
    thank you your fans Gus and terry
  • Hello Billy,
    This is my mother's last week in New York after a lifetime here (and there) and most famously known (here on Long Island) as radio personality Randy Taylor she is finally retiring (back) to Florida to spend her golden years. If Randy Taylor sounds familiar to you it's because we have, several years ago now, spent many a night back stage with you sir. When she ran Ed Simon's HB107 out in Hampton Bays we all had the pleasure of attending quite a few Billy Joel concerts. That said, tomorrow night 08/23 will be her last hurrah with the Great Showman Billy Joel and it would mean the world to me if you could wish her (Donna Bachman AKA Randy Taylor) the best of wishes with retirement in Florida! (We're sitting in Section E/Floor). Thank you, sir! and Looking forward to the show!
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    Hi Mr Joel,
    My amazing wife and I are in town to see you tonight. She got us tickets for your show as a surprise anniversary present. Being a huge fan I was elated! I on the other hand forgot about our anniversary, ouch! She is by far the most special person I know... I hope it’s not asking to much to play our favorite song in her honor. Her name is Nancy, Vienna is our song.

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