Need help, made mistake

I have never bought tickets online, I know hard to believe, but it is true. When I was going through trying to buy tickets for my sons graduation present. I wanted to get him the best tickets possible. I found a set of 2, was putting in my information, then thought...let me see if there are 2 near these that could be a bit cheaper because the ones i found were near the cut off to be in a different section. well, i went back, found 2 only 7 rows away that were cheaper. So, I bought those as it took me 6 months to save up for them. But what I didn't realize is that I have in fact purchased the original 2 i was looking at. I need help in how to sell the tickets i didn't mean to get. I have tried stub hub but they want me to take a signifigant loss on the cost. please help.
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