Favorite songs

debrndebrn Posts: 1
I’ve been a fan for many many years. One of my all time favorite songs is Until the Night - but you never play that in concert. We are looking forward to seeing you on 8/10 in Boston. Hoping we get to hear that song!


  • mesitilamesitila Posts: 1
    Looking forward to seeing you in Boston on 8/10 for my 7th Billy Concert. You are my favorite artist of allllllll time and I would LOVE to hear "The Stranger". It's been my favorite song for over 25 years and I've always wanted to hear it live! It will 100% make my night!
  • Does he sing Vienna on tour??!
  • coggscoggs Posts: 1
    He played Vienna last night at MSG. Also played Uptown Girl which I have never heard him play live, although I probably have not been to as many shows as most of you.
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