Philly-Special Father Daughter Night During Rough Patch

So I figured I'd give this a shot.

I surprised my dad with tickets tonight in Philly at Citizens Bank Park. He's battling prostate cancer with his radical prostate removal scheduled in a month. He was diagnosed just weeks after he lost his job & his dad died (my grandpop, who he was the primary caregiver of). Additionally, he is the primary caregiver of my disabled mom, who has had several strokes. I wanted to make memories with them that were outside of a doctor's office and not when we had to deal with serious life discussions.

We're in sec. 418 row 15 seats 15&16 because it was all I could afford. It would make his night if we had the chance to sit closer! Feel free to reach out at Twitter @Patrice_Bendig or email at [email protected]
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