Sunday Morning CBS interview today

So proud of your stand against bigotry and hatred and the way you honor the 6 million souls who were murdered in the Holocaust.


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    I'm a long time fan of Billy. I'm the same age, grew up in the Bronx and Long Island, so I can relate to Billy and his music. I was interested in seeing the CBS Sunday morning interview but had a incredible revelation when Billy stated he has "not forgiven himself for not being as good as Beethoven". How this had led to some depression. You see, I have risen to the top of my profession, am internationally famous at what I do, have one of the most prestigious jobs in my profession, yet sometimes I am depressed. I never knew why until this morning. I haven't forgiven myself for not being as good as my mentor. I'm not sure how to do it, but at least I understand why. Thanks Billy!
  • Dear Billy Joel,
    You made the comment on CBS Sunday Morning that you hated not only Nazi-ism, but also hated all Nazis. You may change your mind if you read the book "Through Difficult Times, the Life of Erich and Ursula Spickschen". It will show you how ordinary people became involved in the Nazi regime. The book is in the library of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC but is also available for sale on The first couple chapters are somewhat dry - about the ancestors of the family- so I would start with chapter IV.
    Thank you and Good Luck!


    Through Difficult Times
    If you are interested in modern German history, you will find this true story of the struggle that this ordinary family living in East Prussia (Germany) had to endure in the first half of the twentieth century absolutely fascinating.
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