hamburg gig - 30/06/2018

Hi Billy and staff

i took a 6 hour train tavel to see you in hamburg but unfournately i was a little bit disappointed.

You choose a great setlist , a good visual show , but the sound was awfull the first hour.

Your voice was bouncing from one corner to another.

In the future you must take that into account when deciding to play gigs in huge stadia

Maybe you must consider to play once in Belgium in one of our great venues.

Nevertheless i Always be a fan, and wish you and your family the very best




  • I just don't know what all expect of the sound in a football stadion, maybe Mr. Joel should play in the Elbphilamonie the next time... :-)
    I enjoyed the concert in Hamburg very much. It was already my third time in 3 years I have seen him in concert! It feels so good to be able to listen to "handmade" live music! Thank you for returning to Germany once more! Will come to the Garden again soon!
  • ChristaChrista Posts: 1
    I agree with Luc, the sound was awfull in the huge stadium. I know I'm late posting this comment, but it is still in my mind to react on the show. I finally got my husband to come with me from Holland to Hamburg to see Billy. We had the dvd Billy Joel, Live at Shea Stadium at home, had listened to a few songs. That recording was great. Of course we didn't expect it to be like that, but in reality the sound was very poor.
    I suggest a new concert in Amsterdam, Ziggo dome. I don't mind paying more, but in a stadium like Hamburg never again, unfortunately.
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