Just looking for a little help

Declan MurphyDeclan Murphy Posts: 1
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I have no idea if this is the right place to put this, but I can’t see any other way to try to get in touch. I’m taking my girlfriend to the show at Citizens Bank Park on July 27th. She grew up listening to Billy Joel as her dad used to be in a small town band and Billy Joel was his favorite artist, therefore making him her favorite as well. I’m not trying to beg or ask for a hand out, I just have a request. I just would like to be in touch with someone to see if I can request her favorite song. It’s by no means a love song, it’s “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” but nonetheless it’s her favorite song. No need for dedication as that might be a bit odd fior someone to request that specific song. Don’t need a shoutout. Just was hoping to make it possible for her to listen to her favorite song by her favorite artist. Any help would be appreciated and if I don’t hear anything back I totally understand that too. Just wanted to try.
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