Concert To Free the Children -

Dear Billy Joel,

I am writing from Newtown, Connecticut.

This past weekend hundreds of us rallied here
in our small town to demand re-unification of refugee
families torn apart at our southern border.

As a follow up we aim to launch an ongoing initiative
to help the thousands of children who were taken
by the executive branch and are being traumatized
day after day. It is called CONCERT TO FREE THE CHILDREN.

The web site is up and ready to expand as we engage further allies like you.
Our messaging is deeply tied to the immigrant community:
We demand IMMEDIATE re-unification, families together in freedom
and a more humane immigration policy.

Mr. Joel, would you please consider simply
embracing the concept for your next show
at Madison Square Garden on Wed. July 18th?
It need not affect ticketing or revenue whatsoever.
Those who wish to help refugee families
and stolen children would simply be encouraged to
donate any amount to the best legal defense
funds for immigrant families. Footage of the July 18th
event could simply be shared through social media.
If a major media outlet stepped forward to offer a live feed
good for them - and same legal defense fund contact info
could be displayed.

At your July 18th concert the idea is that you would also
call on communities everywhere to duplicate this concept
so as to to spark grassroot concert rallies of all sizes across
all America all summer long and as long as it takes.
Again and again, Concert To Free the Children
could be re-created and evolved at the grass roots level.
Music heals and energizes us as we confront and defeat the evil
impulses of the executive branch which has literally torn
children from parents and has set in motion a train wreck'of trauma.
It is the theft that keeps on taking...

Our Newtown group, Tie A White Ribbon For Family Unity,
initiated the first Connecticut rally based on this song
shared among young music students and parents here: this spark

Our effort sparked the coordination of large rallies in New Haven,
Hartford, and elsewhere through Action Together Connecticut:

Footage of our entire Newtown rally here:

To hasten the re-unification of families and the creation of a more
humane immigration enforcement policy we feel this concept,
Concert To Free the Children, could be of great help.
Please help us launch this concept.

Thanks for all the great music - and for considering this proposal

Jim Allyn
Newtown CT

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