Manchester 16th June, 2018 FANTASTIC

It’s a real shame some people had a dreadful view of the stage and Billy Joel himself - and Mr Joel pointed this out at one point and some people were moved (according to the press). Knowing that they’d brought the stage forward you would have thought that the organisers would have realised what this would have done to the view.

I’ve been a Billy fan since my late teens (late 40s now) and jumped at this chance to see him. I’ve been exposing my two early-twenties kids and wife to Billy's amazing talent for years so it was good that we all got to go together so that I could show them what the fuss was about. The seats were fne, up near the press section in the south stand (we had a few idiots behind us who wouldn’t shut up until asked, but apart from that it was an incredible evening).

As a fan I wanted to hear all his greatest hits and those not so widely know but that’s clearly not possible. Still, Hobson's choice of Innocent Man or The Longest Time was a shame - I’d have foregone A Hard Day’s Night for Innocent Man but never mind, all the tracks played were amazing whether Billy's own work or not(I’m a Beatles fan too so A Day In The Life full version was a real treat hI enjoyed Billy's John Lennon voice too).

Have been on a buzz since Saturday and just wanted to thank Mr Joel for the years of enjoyment I’ve had and my kids are having listening to his incredible music and I was so glad I got to see him in England - shame it wasn't at Anfield though ;)

Seriously considering getting tickets at MSG for late 2018 !


  • I first saw Billy at the Apollo in Manchester (1976/77?) and saw him again a few years ago at the MEN Arena Manchester. What I'd forgotten was just how funny he was and how his comments and musical excursions between the hits added to the fun. He did a lot of non-Joel music which may have disappointed some but I enjoyed it. Playing some fairly obscure tracks such as A Salty Dog by Procol Harum may have been risky but I was thrilled to hear him play this.

    With his broad knowledge of music, his musical talent and humour he'd make a great double act with Bill Bailey.
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