Manchester 16 June 18 - Your views please!

I was at the Billy Joel concert on Saturday the 16/6/18 in Manchester.
I have followed Billy for 30 years and saw him in Birmingham 4 years ago.
On the 1st occasion he played a good few of his songs and some not so famous ones.

But this time in Manchester I didn’t know he was going to play other people’s songs before his own, he must have played the Stones, Beatles, Dylan & the whole of ness dorma

If I wanted to listen to all these other songs I would have gone to a tribute band in my local city.

He gave the crowd the option between Innocent man and Just The Way You Are (Classics) and another choice of 2 great songs and only playing one of them.

If he or anyone of his team read this could you please pass onto him that it’s the old songs that most of the 60000 people in the stadium grew up with!.

An awful lot of people have waited for 20 odd years to see him live and for him to let his band play all the other songs I thought was totally unprofessional. I didn’t pay £250 (near $331) to hear other artists music. Billy Joel wrote great songs but decided not to play them so to boost the presence of his band!.

I am sure 1000’s more people will be disappointed he done that on the night and would to love to hear their views.

I will probably never get to see him perform Just the way you are and Innocent man again, to think these are the songs which I and everyone else bought all those years ago, which gave him the fame and money but he “just couldn’t” be bothered playing them!. But spent about 10/15 mins playing other artists music.

Who are we to complain! Only the people who put him there!.

Any one else’s views would be much appreciated.

Roy Fielding lifelong support & employer to billy’s success!.

Not bitter just “SO” disappointed!


  • Foddy34Foddy34 Posts: 1
    Was also disappointed not to hear Innocent Man but did think that the other artists songs were performed very well. The whole concert sounded great but unfortunately due to the seating and the stage being brought forward we never got to see Billy or the band either on the stage or on a screen. Having paid £705 for 6 tickets we might as well have stood in the car Park! Having waited for so long, as lifelong fans, we were a little bit miffed off. G Hayes
  • We thought the show and song choices were fab - really great that Billy tailored the show to us Brits and I agree he performed them brilliantly - so talented. He had a great rapport with the audience.

    Hubby and I saw Billy a few years back in Birmingham and literally jumped at the chance to see one of our all time faves again - we decided to push the boat out.

    Here's my gripe...Agree totally with Foddy34 we paid for Platinum package £1132.95 for 4 guaranteed premium seats, champagne reception, VIP lanyard, blanket, keyring and waterproof in a tote bag. Our seats block A2 row H (almost as far right of the stage as you could get (bar maybe 3 seats that weren't platinum) gave us a view of scaffolding and a big screen and speakers. We couldn't see the band and had a terrible view of the stage - not what we paid for! We spent the night looking hard left. My Dad gave up and sat down. It's not Billy's fault it's the event organiser. Last October I bought the tickets as a Christmas present to my aged parents (75 and 77) we travelled far and wide and at great personal expense so looking forward to the show. Have to say I am very disappointed - it's not just about the money - it's the experience itself- or lack of it.

    I hope someone on Billy's team gets to read this. I'd like to hear from them.
  • alisonralisonr Posts: 2
    I bought the tickets for my husbands birthday and we were in those shitty seats Billy mentioned, by the time we were relocated we'd missed a good half hour, so disappointed and very angry. However when we had calmed down we enjoyed Billy so much, and thought his choice of music was was fabulous. I am so happy he performed The Downeaster Alexa my favourite Billy song. I just hope that if he does another UK concert its NOT in Manchester!!! The stewards were bloody awful.
  • I don't know who Im more disappointed for my Husband who I purchased the ticket for as a birthday present only to get to our seats and have no view of the stage (unless you count the cover on the side) or for Billy Joel himself who was superb but badly let down by his organising team such a shame
  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 41
    Billy has always been playing Beatles songs at his concerts. He obviously loves doing that. I suspect that after 300 times doing We didn't Start the Fire it is what he looks forward to most. I enjoyed it anyway. (I do wish he could change his jokes though. He has been telling the same joke about Madonna for 10 years at least).
  • I have only been to one Billy Joel concert in my life, and that was in 1989 in Orlando Florida, and it was terrific! Thank you, Billy Joel ,for a great time!
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