Poor seating

We paid £105 each for tickets and could not see the stage! After complaining with lots of other fans they did shift us to other seats that were much cheaper! Billy and band were fantastic but tickets/ seats were a disaster, the couple in front of travelled from Holland and were so angry that they were expected to sit in such poor allocation of seats. I hope we are going to get a refund!


  • Yes it was a shambles Ally1313 we paid £282.50 x 4 (£1130) for Platinum VIP tickets which guaranteed premium seating in the first 15 rows. We were in block A2 in row H to the far right of the stage (stage in front) and all we could see was scaffolding and a big screen directly ahead! We had to turn out heads hard left to see Billy. We couldn't see the band or most of the stage. So disappointed. Instead of a refund I'd like tickets to another Billy Joel concert with premium seats for me my hubby and my elderly parents (75 and 77 years old) and the sooner the better as none of us are getting any younger.
  • Hi, if someone could point these comments out to Billy I would be grateful, After paying to see him for the last 40 years I was one of the disappointed fans who paid £234 for no view at Manchester on 16th. I have always had the greatest respect for him and his band so it would be good if he could intervene on our behalf with the promoters and the ticket agents. I know he passed a comment about the seating but anyone who has been to one of his concerts will tell you he usually makes a joke about cr*p seats. He employs the people who chose such a poor venue and stage set up yet he doesn't seem to have made a comment about the shambles. Please Billy SORT THEM OUT. You and the band were fab by the way and we did get to see an arm or a leg occasionally.
  • eileen10eileen10 Posts: 1
    Manchester concert 16/6/18

    I paid £380 for 2 tickets on A5.
    Billy Joel you were great but the bad organisation, kind of spoiled the concert.
    The organisation of this concert was terrible.
    All of our small chairs were tied together, and we had no leg room at all.
    I had a disabled partner with me and these tiny chairs were very uncomfortable to sit on.
    The queues into the ground were horrendous taking an hour and a half, to enter and leave the concert.
    The stewards were very rude,and unhelpful, upon leaving the pitch, there was only one exit door open near A5, despite the fact that there were 3 exit doors behind the stage which were closed.
    My partner was not even allowed to go back into the arena and use the toilet!!!

    We would love to see you at another venue Billy Joel your a great entertainer and
    we have loved your music for many years.
    Billy Joel I hope you can do something about this concert, as there have been a lot of complaints.
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