Manchester Concert Retirement request

I doubt anyone who can do anything about this will read this, but I have to try....
I have been married to my husband for 23 years. This summer, a number of important events/changes are happening to us and our family, and to celebrate them, we have been able to purchase tickets to the 16/06 concert at Old Trafford. We, my husband, two daughters (20 & 17) and I are so excited to be going. He and I have been to 3 concerts of BJ’s over the years. Our first was at Hartford, CT, our first night out when our oldest was only 1 month old. We were also at the concert in DC at Nats Stadium, withElton John, when Billy went unde Elton’s piano to try and fix the malfunctioning damper pedal....before Elton stormed off stage in frustration....
Long story, trying to make it short.
Most importantly, my husband is retiring this month after 25 years with the US Coast Guard. He has dedicated his life to protecting and saving others, often at the cost of time and relation with his own family. But he has served proudly and honorably.
When we married 23 years ago, this June 10, our wedding song was “You’re My Home”, because we have traveled on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, seen Indiana’s early morning dew, and been high up in the hills of California, but our HOME has always been with each other.
It is not a song you usually perform, but would you consider performing it on June 16, and say that it is for CHRIS. As we start the next part of our life, post military retirement, my HOME will still be wherever he is.

Thank you to whomever has read this. Here’s to hoping.....fingers crossed.
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