23rd June Dublin

norryannorryan Posts: 1
If possible would love Billy to play song for my 2 sisters, Trish celebrating 40th & Marion celebrating 50th same year.


  • no11no11 Posts: 2
    All for Leyna would be fantastic to hear live.
  • OonaghGOonaghG Posts: 1
    My favourite song is "Until The Night", to hear it in Dublin on 23rd June would be amazing.

    My mother Joan Casey, 81, is coming along, and can't wait for the gig!!
  • emilyh52emilyh52 Posts: 2
    I am going June as well, would love to hear Vienna I have the lyrics tattooed on me it would be incredible!
  • RSRRSR Posts: 2
    I know it's been 2 weeks, but I was at the concert in MSG on June 2. I've never seen Billy Joel before and even though I hate seeing concerts at MSG it was great. And the best thing and the worst thing was that he played my favorite song...Just a Half a Mile Away. it is the song that gets me through part of my run or bike ride...or just anything. It's so freeing and so happy. It's my favorite Billy Joel song, except it rivals "It's Just a Fantasy" (which he also played!!!!) and "Close to the Borderline" (which he didn't play). But he made fun of Half a Mile Away! He said it was too "pop-like" or something to that effect. Frankly I think "Uptown Girl" is as "pop-like" as you can get, but everyone thinks that's fine. In any case I will remember that he played Just a Half a Mile Away. Forever.
  • RSRRSR Posts: 2
    And I absolutely love All for Leyna also.
  • I have one spare ticket for Dublin on 23 June - will sell for face value + booking fee - anyone interested?
  • swemariswemari Posts: 1
    Dear Mr Joel! My family and I are travelling all the way from Sweden, Luleå (high up in the north) to be at your concert on June 23 in Dublin! Look out for the swedish flag! :) Please shout out to us, the family Lundgren! My youngest daughter, Sofia is the biggest fan in all of Sweden and she would be so happy if you played Vienna, The Entertainer, The Stranger or Scenes from an italian restaurant for her. We are so looking forward to this concert! Love from Sweden!
  • BJBlueBJBlue Posts: 1
    Can we please have “ Just the way you are” . Vienna always seems to get the “audience” vote
  • amoramor Posts: 1
    My husband of 21 years and I will be at the concert tomorrow. He is Italian and he sat beside Mr Joel in Piazza Narvona 30 years ago and wanted to say hello but he had no English.....there and then he decided to learn English and went to London where he met his now Irish Wife. I am such a lucky girl as I have a marvellous husband and Scenes from an Italian Cafe has always been our song. He might never and have learnt English or met me if not for that moment in Piazza Narvona in Rome. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night. Greets from Ireland.
  • lyns40lyns40 Posts: 1
    We are so looking forward to your Dublin concert. I am bringing my husband Oliver Driscoll for his 40th birthday. One of his favourite songs is longest time and if you could give him a wee happy 40th birthday mention when you sing that song or if he could sing it with you that would be amazing!
  • Nobody talks about "honesty". The most beautiul slow ever made. We come over from Belgium and i love to to sing it along to my wife Christine. Thousand Thx jan
  • no11no11 Posts: 2
    Magnificent concert. Thank You.
  • PolyPoly Posts: 4
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    Is there someone who will go to Billy's # 100 concert at MSG? can you upload videos to Instagram? let me know and I follow you!
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