A hello maybe..

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Saw Billy in Wembley and now travelling to Manchester to see him there.
Massive fan forever - when I left home to go travelling when I was 18 - my baby sister (10) listened constantly to Billy Joel - have managed to get tickets for her and my Mum and Das - so excited.
A shout out / hello to the Longs, Millers and Jenkins would be great


  • Hello there
  • Born 1958
    :-) "caged" in Espana, since March 7. Hello, took me 7 weeks to learn your Songs!!

    Ist Question: how can a "Little Person" have such a VOICE with this "Strength"?
    2nd Question: where will I ever be able to hear you ??

    Am 1.58mtr with 50 kg. (never had more kg (fem) .. as I was sportive)
    Because of age: now am told that I am underweight.

    :-) hey, I would love to hear you in real life.
    No, it must NOT be Nuernberg: Yeah, this is the City I am stuck: but it is as well the only City I ever pronounced (31 years ago) the words: HERE I WILL NEVER STAY !!!!!!

    Life is strange + goes strange ways. Best greetings + many thanks for your Songs.
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