Review of Rareitys show celebrating Billy Joel's Birthday with Mike Delguidece and Big Shot

Live from the Iridium in NYC Mike Delguidece and some special guests put on a show for the hard core Billy fans know as Retolders. 3 years ago the Facebook page Billy Joel Completely Retold did a poll of the fans and what they wanted Billy to play at MSG. On 5/8/18 The Big Shot band delivered. The setlist included Get it right the first time fraturing Sal Devitto on drums. Falling of the rain by Christian Macchio, the great suburban showdown by Mike Santoro, sleeping with the TV on by David Clark, and weekend song by Mike Stutz. Captain Jack was not on the original setlist but when Tommy Burns saw the real captain Jack in the crowd he convinced Mike to do the song. The music ended with the Souvenir. The fans hung around to meet the band and take photos. The #1 choice by the fans was half a Mile away. Happy Birthday Billy I hope you had as much fun as we did. (Many photos and videos available on Facebook and YouTube)


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