April 13, 2018 ~ Madison Square Garden

In 2018 our family celebrates several milestones; I turned 50 in January, our oldest child  will graduate from high school (and head to college!), and my husband and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage in the fall (if I let him live that long!).  As the year grew closer, we began to consider  possible celebration ideas to mark the occasions.  As you can imagine everyone has their own ideas, but agreeing on the perfect one has proven challenging.  
Enter ‪Billy Joel‬.  Flash back several months ago when my son, Caleb, said, "you know I really don't like the music you & dad listen to, but ‪Billy Joel‬ is the one exception.....I like him....he's okay for an old guy."  ~ We were on a long drive from Maine to Philly and listening to the ‪Billy Joel‬ channel.  Our daughter, Lydia, chimed in that she felt the same.  There you have it.  Simple as that.  Our family had our way to celebrate our mementos year!   With you!   Thank you for creating music that everyone enjoys! This mama feels blessed to be attending a concert with her teenagers in tow.

I shared with my family the first time I saw you in concert and one of my favorite memories. It was the River of Dreams tour in Portland, ME. Our seats were less then desirable (behind you, in the end zone). The show opened and you addressed the crowd speaking of Portland, ME as one of your favorite stops (the crowd cheered!). Our section was back to, but we didn’t complain. We were just happy to be there! Suddenly, you turned to our section and said, “For those of you who think you got the shitty section, your time will come!” Of course our section went nuts! Then halfway through the show; with your fingers banging on piano keys, the stage turned to face us, and with a point of your finger you said, “your time has come!” It was the coolest moment ever! It is one of those moments that is forever burned in my brain.

My kids already think your relatively cool (“for an old guy”) but as there mother I have NEVER been cool. Tonight will be one of my all time favorite memories, but a shoutout to section 101, row 15, seats 18-21 would be huge. Thank you again for your music and tonights memory.

With gratitude,
Joelle L MacDonald
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