50th show was a big disappointment

I don't know if Billy Joel actually reads these twitter messages, but if not, maybe you can get me message to him. I was at the 50th show at the Garden and all I can say is REALLY? I and many fans who sat around me were very disappointed. Your marketing team billed this show as the 50th show....a milestone concert...and we all were expecting a great special guest for this special show. Lets say we were all expecting a Lady Gaga, a Paul McCarthy, an Elton John, a Stevie Wonder.....and what did we get, a comedian....Jim Breuer,,,,,REALLY. So disappoining on many levels.

During the show billy said he didn't know why people are still buying tickets to his show...and he said its not like he needs the money....well so glad to hear he has it that way.....many if not most of your fans do not. I am a paraprofessional for special needs students and do not have a very large salary....so when I have extra money for concerts, which is not that often, i choose my concerts wisely....and as this was suppose to be the big 50th show, boy was Iet down....I could have spent the money I spent on two tickets on groceries and gas for my car and then my money would have been spent wisely. I sat in section 211 because the little guy like me 1) can only afford seats up there, and 2) the minute your tickets go on sale, its amazing how only tickets in the upper levels are available....I can't hold you accountable for that as the ticketmaster scam that loads up ticket brokers with ticket has been a problem for decades and it seems will never be fixed. But I do hold you accountable for "selling" and pimping up its your 50th show and then have a hum-drum guest. I really think you could have done much better.

I know you get positive review after positive review and sell out show after show and maybe you don't care about people like me, but I care and I just felt I wanted to tell you how some of your fans feel.


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