Re: Famous Last Words. . . . and the end of making new music

Jl LinJl Lin Posts: 1
I hear what my man Billy is saying on the issue elsewhere. At the same time winds and breezes of inspiration wax and wane. The creative process doesn't have to end unless you want it to do so. Maybe that is what he is saying. He wants it to end; but I feel like it shouldn't end simply b/c of what other people say or what they may comment about his life. He is hugely gifted in lyrics and in writing music. If he has something else to say, by all means, take the plunge and say it, write it, play it, do it! I'll just say this about my dad before he died from leukemia. He felt like he wasn't ready to go into the finality of hospice or what he thought back then was the finality of hospice, so, he stated, and I quote, "I just might have one more thing to say." I carry that with me always. Billy Joel, you just might have one more thing to say; just like Beethoven and his 9th. :)
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