June 2018 in Hamburg

Miki BeloMiki Belo Posts: 1
Will come to see Billy Joel all the way from far away..
would love to know the song list at the concert, so we will prepare our self to know and sing all the song with you, Billy..
Thanks & C Yaa :)


  • Hello, i will come from Bavaria to see Mr. Billy Joel for the second time. I`m happy to hear his songs live. I wish he will play my favourite Songs: "Scenes from an italian restaurant", an innocent man (he sing this song not often in his concerts). I hope Mr. Joel is prepared for the german fans- I am prepared, every day i listen to his Songs. I love his wonderful voice. The last concert in Frankfurt was a little bit to loud, so i hope in Hamburg it will be perfect. I practice yet the lyrics and i will sing all songs with my favourite singer.
    best wishes
  • Miki KatzMiki Katz Posts: 2
    !!!!!!!Would love to hear All For Leyna!!!!!!
  • Miki KatzMiki Katz Posts: 2
    Would love to hear !!!!!!!All For Leyna!!!!!!
  • loewinahloewinah Posts: 1
    Saw Billy Joel live in concert in Oberhausen, many years ago. Again in Frankfurt, two years ago. Now I'm so very much looking forward to next weekend. My husband and I will come from Cologne to Hamburg to see him again. We love his music. We would also love to hear "All for Leyna", "Summer, Highland falls" and "Until the night". Thanks, best wishes from Willi and Angelika
  • astordirkastordirk Posts: 1
    on Saturday, Billy Joel in Hamburg, and the whole family is leaving. first we were 6 but since 4 weeks we know: we want to be grandparents so we're 7. we look forward to billy, hamburg and new york state of mine.
  • UllaLUllaL Posts: 1
    I travel with my Love from Finland to Hamburg. I'm sure the evening will be unforgettable. I'd love to hear "You're My Home". Love, Ulla
  • BPTronBPTron Posts: 1
    We saw him live in Frankfurt two years ago andhope to hear some news from Captain Jack 😎
  • Hoseyme63Hoseyme63 Posts: 1
    Your sound team dropped the ball we paid good money Euro 177.00 and in return all we got was echos and blaring. Saw you live years ago in Nuremberg Germany benefit show for military ID card holders and you sounded 100% better
    If I may suggest sound check sound check 1, 2, 3, 4. Hope that Madison square garden is nothing to what we experienced on June 30, 2018 not heading to NYC anytime soon
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