Song request for Tampa 2/9/18

I know is is a long shot , and I am no “Big Shot” , but we are attending the Tampa show this coming Friday, 2/9 and are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and my Birthday. Billy,s music has always been such a huge part of our life together and one of our wedding songs was “ This is the Time”. This will be our 7th concert of Billy’s and he has never played it! In fact last time in Tampa , a few years ago, that song was out voted as an audience to “Vienna”,which is another favorite!
We were born and raised on Long Island and one of very first albums and all time favorite albums was Piano Man. I was an intern at WBAB back In 1986 and was at a sound check for his show at the Colliseum. It was a week before Christmas and freezing cold in the place. Billy threw me his overcoat because he saw I was so cold! A moment I will never forget . Shows his true character.
To hear Billy sing “This is the Time” would just be the best anniversary gift my husband and I could ever receive. I don’t know who sees these posts but, I’m hoping some how, the message will get to Billy! Can’t wait to sing and dance Friday night!
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