Dublin 2018 - I hate Viagogo

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Dear all who will read my message. For weeks I am looki for someone who could help me but without succes. Does someone has a idea to help me?

I am Patricia from Belgium - 52 yrs old. 

My husband once asked me, if there was 1 artist you really would like to see on stage in you life, who would this be.

"BILLY JOEL ... he is really on my bucket list - but this will never happen, because I'm to scared to fly to the States from Belgium, and Billy Joel seems not to perform in Europe anymore".

Till 2 weeks ago, after a romantic diner, my husband told me that he read that Billy Joel would come to Manchester, Dublin and Hamburg.

OMG - 2 seconds later - over exited - I took my cellphone and booked 2 tickets for Dublin!Tickets seem very expensive - no stress, I will save money for the coming 7 months.

The next day, I booked the fly-tickets and the also very expensive hotel in Dublin! But still, no stress...I want to do this to see Billy Joel. Me happy and telling everybody we are going to see Billy Joel!!

Till last Friday! 

OMG "what have I done!" I have bought tickets through a unreliable website! They are gangsters. Through my excitement I did not realize I wasn't on the official website of Billy Joel ,but on "viagagogo" ...

I was checking the official site and saw the we paid far too much for bad places!

You know, I don't care about the money anymore - I was ready to pay it to see Billy Joel, but what breaks my heart is that we do received seats on Block 508 for the same price you could offer me block 116 !!!!

Since then, my stomach burns. I'm really getting sick!! This is once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my husband (but especially me :-) ). I feel so betrayed and fooled. This is not an funny feeling!!!

My request to you - is there anything you could do to help us get better seats for the € 281 we paid. I do not want an money compensation, not at all!! I only want to be able to get better seats for this price, which we would have get if we were not redirected to this malicious website due to my over-excitement to see Billy Joel on stage!

Our trip to Dublin costs us about € 900 (flight and hotel included). I'm ready to pay this to see Billy Joel but it really gives me a very bad feeling to know we will be sitting in Block 508 (while I do have vertigo) and that I could have been sitting much closer for the same price if I hadn't been so exited!

My bucket list has been checked, but with mixed feelings making me sick.

I hope you really took time to read my e-mail but most of all, it would be great if you could get us a solution to this heartbreaking situation.

Many thanks for your time.


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    My sister recently paid over £200 for tickets for her and her husband, Billy Joel was also on my brother in laws bucket list. The tickets arrived today with no names on with the face value being £40 each, How on earth do companies like Viagogo get away with this ? Alison
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    Yo compré entradas en el mes Octubre en cuanto se pusieron a la venta para el concierto de Junio en Wembley y pensando que lo hacía a través de un canal oficial. Pues no!! las compré a viagogo y 5 meses después aún no las he recibido!!!
  • PepaPepa Posts: 5
    Sigo sin mis entradas para el concierto en Wembley de Junio y eso que pagué casi 900 euros
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