Downeaster Alexa - Philly in July?

Have no idea how this works... Just a simple note that I will be bringing my 9 year old twin boys to their first concert in Philly in July. They have become Joel fans through my wife and I. Its started during a traffic jam heading to the NJ shore a couple years ago when we exhausted our Billy Joel collection on them. They liked the music and the song Downeaster Alexa was and still is their favorite overall tune. They giggle when they ask our "Alexa" to play it for them. I have been coming to the shows the last few years and surprisingly 2 years ago that song made the play list. Just looking to see if we could get that on the play list again? I know its not a super popular song but we all enjoy it. Not looking for any dedications or anything like that... just to see if that song could make the short list.... if not not worries... Always a great show no matter what!!!!


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