1982 'Live From Long Island'

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I'm not sure how many remember Billy Joel's 'Live From Long Island' in 1982. It was released on CBS-FOX Video in '83. I watched it on HBO back then. I bought the HI-FI VHS, and I've been 'LOOKING EVERYWHERE,' seems like forever, for a DVD, or especially a Blu-Ray re-release. If you never had the pleasure of watching this concert, I'll tell you what...YOU missed a special event, and consider that you've been cheated!! I'm PLEADING with anyone who owns the 'Copyright' to PLEASE, re-issue this gem! I got a copy, a few years ago on DVD, and I'm sure it was pirated. I am sad about that, and feel guilty every time I watch it. But, it's the ONLY Copy out there right now. THAT really BURNS me! I appreciate 'ALL' the members of the band that backed Mr. Joel also. He let them get involved with the audience, and share the spotlight with him. They gave all, like soldiers following a General. I know Liberty DiVito gave all he could of himself. If anyone wanted their 'SKINS' and 'SYMBOLS' tested to their absolute limit, he was the man! PLEASE, PLEASE,...Somebody out there, is the ANY HOPE, for this Concert to be released again?? It's a Classic that has to be relived again and again. Thank you, Robert K.


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    I remember that concert, cause I was there. First row, right in front of Billy.(the ticket office pulled a fast one on the scalpers at the front of the line and we lucked out!) I took 2 rolls of film that evening; lots of great pics. I've got one hanging in my cube here at work. He and his band were amazing that night. They all seemed to love posing for the camera.
    Its just a shame concert tickets cost as much as they do now. Id love to see him at MSG.
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    One of the great mysteries of his catalog. After all the rehashing of his back catalog thats gone on over the last 20+ years, why on Earth was LFLI never given any kind of DVD/Blu Ray or even CD release?? It's his best (by far) live video concert and on par with Songs In The Attic as his best official release live recording period. There has to be a good reason why they refuse to give this any kind of release. It would've fit nicely as the DVD accompanying the My Lives boxset...instead of the tired ROD show from Germany that they included.
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    He also performed "Until the Night", but it wasn't included on the release. Maybe if they give it to us on dvd at some point, they'll include it as a bonus track.

    There's a clip of it on Youtube from some program that aired in Japan.
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    Until the Night - Live from Long Island (Vevo video)

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    Please people, this concert was the one since I became Billy Joel fan. I know if a remastered edition appears, will be million copies club, easily (I'll be one on them for sure) !!!
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    Hola Amigos soy de Chile y espero lo mismo que Uds. Este para mi es el mejpr show de Billy, yo ahora lo tengo en laser disc, en dvd que debe ser pirata y una edicion en Cd del sello Immortal que la verdad m suena tan bien como los originales pero que no esta mal del todo, pero sueño con que salga en blu ray y Cd de manera oficial, llevo muchos años esperando esto.
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