Hi! I really hope somebody could pass this message to Billy Joel. I am writing this note because I have just learned my son (30) will be attending the concert at Madison Square Garden (he would have loved to share it with his father too). His attending the concert has a very special meaning to us as my husband (his father) is a great fan of Billy's music (and so am I) and his songs have been a part of our family-building life. We live in Chile and have been enjoying Billy Joel's music since we were teenagers, his songs have been with us through good and bad in our lives as a family and especially as a married couple, and very very especially the song "Scenes from an Italian restaurant". I was wondering whether Billy could mention this during the concert and dedicate this song to us for our son to record it as a special gift for our 33' wedding anniversary. It would touch our souls and my husband would be the happiest man in the world, he really really enjoys and loves Billy's music. Now he is enjoying the classic music Billy has made and which I have given my husband as a Christmas present last year.

I really hope some magic can take this message to Billy's eye and heart and this dream can come true for my husband and, of course, also for me.

Thank you in advance, and look forward to Billy Joel's good reception of this request.
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