Young fan

Dear Billy,
I am not sure how you could read all these but I had to try. My daughter, Kellyann is a huge fan. She is 19 years old, and of course, I think she is an amazing girl. Kellyann came home from school 2 years ago, a week after her 17th birthday, to find her dad who was her best friend lifeless at the kitchen table. Despite her valiant efforts at CPR, her dad was gone. He was an amazing husband and father to our two girls, truly selfless and lived every day of his 53 years to the fullest. We will miss him always.
Since then, our two girls have lived their lives in a way that would make him proud. Kellyann worked hard and was able to attain scholarships to attend Michigan State University, where she is studying to be an athletic trainer. When I drove her up for her freshman year, she insisted on listening to the Billy Joel channel on Sirius XM for the ENTIRE 10 hour ride. She has found so much meaning, comfort and inspiration in your lyrics and music and it has truly spoken to her. I wanted you to know. I hope somehow this message gets to you. Kaylee has also worked hard and at 24 was able to buy a small place in Jersey city of her own. I'm so proud of them both.
Kellyann's wish is to see you in concert and I was able to get two tickets to your show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday January 11th Kell will be driving home from Michigan to see you. I could only get two tickets so the girls will be going. I hope to see you before you retire! When I told Kellyann that I had tickets to your show she was screaming with joy. It amazes me as someone who grew up to your music that my daughter loves it just as much. So, I guess I just wanted to say Thank you so much. She love all of your songs, but I am hoping you play Vienna next week. It reminds me of Kellyann and her efforts to live a life full of joy and meaning despite her sadness at losing her dad.
Thank you Billy!
All the best,
Denise (Kellyann's mom)
[email protected]
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