1959 BMW R69 for Sale

Hey Billy,

My name is Ray Ferry
I live in Corning, NY
I'm an A&P Mechanic w/IA (aircraft tech)
I've been restoring a 1959 BMW R69, NOT an R69S!!
Bike is almost complete, missing headers and mufflers..
Used Glasurit single stage paint, hand pin strips at the Beemer Barn.
Stainless Steel spokes and newer style tires for actually riding! Done by MAX BMW..
Heads, valve guides, cyl. bore cabide process, ceramic black coating paint on cylinders SS push rods, valve spring kit, piston & rings. Done by Bombar's Beemers.
Crank and Cam, final drive, transmission, shocks, brakes, etc. All done by Cycle Works, Barrington Motor Works, Bench Mark, and myself..
If interested please contact me via email and maybe have your mech come take a look see! Have Receipts!
p.s. my first album was Glass Houses!!

Thanks, Ray

[email protected]
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