Favorite Song?

Your catalog is so immense. To name a single favorite would be like asking someone with many children who their favorite child is. Right? Your music is so varied that my favorite song is the one that fits my mood at that moment. Lately, it's been the lullaby on your River of Dreams album. I have been blessed to have my first grandchild 9 months ago and this is the song that I want to learn so I can sing it to him as I rock him to sleep. Your music has been such a large part of my life all these many years, it's as if you are an old and dear friend.


  • dr3301955dr3301955 Posts: 1
    Sharviel - I agree with you , of course , although I'm not familiar with recent Billy
    material . Billy, of course , is the brilliant lyric philosopher , and , for me ( a pro , Piano Man for 30 years - a NY'er , VERY influenced by Billy in the good old days ) - my favorite tune ( if I had to choose just 1 ) , ( as a BIG fan of the Phil Ramone days , with the , "Stranger " line-up" of players ) -
    is , " Movin ' Out " . Well ... there ya have it . Best wishes - Doug - Las Vegas
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